There are many advantages to using Electrolytic technologies for the treatment of wastewater vs. the use of chemicals. Each process and technology can be clicked on and are linked to the benefits of using these technologies:

The use of these electrolytic technologies is not new, but E – FLOC® has applied Best Engineering Practices to Electrolytic Water Treatment with its patented plug flow reactor and re-defined the treatment process.  Our patents are not new either, and they have been tried and proven for more than a decade in all types of applications.


The Advantages

The advantages of E-FLOC® ’s Patented reactor apparatus for Electrocoagulation, Electro Precipitation, Electro Oxidation, Electro Disinfection, and Electro-Flotation Technology include:


1.) High Pressure Process and Apparatus for Electrolytic Water Treatment protected by US and Foreign Patents.  

E-FLOC® understood that operating under High Pressure could be a game changer. Electrocoagulation had never been effective because of its unstable results until E-FLOC® ’s technology came along.  If you can’t guarantee proper treatment, clients won’t even use it.  AND it costs more!  Here is why:

   A.  Operating at higher pressure has the following benefits:

  • Evolved gases (Oxygen, Ozone, Hydrogen, Chlorine, etc.) liberated via electrolysis are maintained in solution where they are available for oxidation/reduction reactions with contaminates in the wastewater. 
  • The high-pressure operations also minimize gas bubbles, which leads to greater conductivity, as the bubbles interfere with and reduce conductivity.  No other electrocoagulation technologies are capable of providing electrocoagulation under these pressures, as E-FLOC®’s reactor model is patented and exclusive. This is important because high-pressure plug and flow reactors provide advantages in the form of value and asset that our competition simply just does not and cannot duplicate.
  • It allows for the reactor to stay clean without getting build up on the electrodes.  This build up will not allow electricity to flow, so this is a major problem with other electrocoagulation technologies that is solved with our patented pressurized reactor.
  • The pressure combined with the directional flow of the water inside the reactor forces the contaminated wastewater to contact 100% of the plate electrodes in the reactor.
  • Contacting 100% of the electrode plate surfaces, maintaining the critical velocity of the water flow and keeping evolved gases in solution provide ideal conditions for electrolytic reactions to occur with consistent, reliable results and while reducing operating costs.  This patented design is a game changer and why our electrolytic technologies are absolutely the best on the market.


2.)  Footprint is everything in lots of cases: 

Smallest footprint on the market!  No other technology on the market can offer the flowrates we offer with the footprint we offer; our footprint is far less. 


3.) Reactor is good for over 20 years and is far easier to maintain:

 The reactor is designed with an elongated, tubular steel frame providing industrial strength, non electrically conductive spacer plates with integral supporting handles are suspended on the horizontally located side rails of the frame where they can be easily moved for electrode plate changes, inspection, cleaning or other required maintenance.  As we mentioned in number 1 above, cleaning is already minimized, but our design provides the additional benefit of cleaning and inspection made much easier.


4.) Can manipulate for treatment easily and effectively:  

The sacrificial, metallic electrode plates are likewise designed with integral supports such that they can be suspended on the side rails between the spacer plates, therefore allowing multiple treatment chamber configurations and multiple power configurations for treating different types of fluids.


5.) Versatile. 

The spacer plates incorporate an offset gasket design such that the spacer plates can be placed adjacent to one another yielding a larger treatment chamber when required, offering economic alternatives for different applications.


6.) Downtime and Maintenance Reduced: 

The frame incorporates a hydraulic ram on one end with all components contained within an integral cabinet allowing the reactor to be quickly and easily opened and closed for maintenance greatly reducing downtime and minimizing maintenance costs. 


7.) Further ease of Maintenance: 

Heavy-duty copper bus bars with quick disconnect features provide even distribution of power to the electrode plates. The quick disconnecting attachments to the electrode plates can be easily re-arranged to provide multiple power configurations and also can be easily removed and re-installed allowing quick and easy maintenance minimizing downtime. All electrical connection are external to the treatment chambers.