E-FLOC® leads the world providing electrolytic water treatment equipment and systems used in a variety of water treatment applications and industries.  At E-FLOC®, we have developed a technology that has been proven to be more effective and economical than most traditional wastewater treatment systems. E-FLOC®’s patented technology can fit into most treatment infrastructures and has proven to be most successful at treating wastewater with heavy metals, which eliminates the use of chemicals during the pretreatment phase.  By eliminating chemicals, we can capture a of number cost, safety, and environmental benefits and advantages listed below.  With over 20 years of success treating wastewater in all industries including metal plating and canning industries, E-FLOC® can provide custom engineered, turn-key solutions for new construction projects or to be installed into existing systems for improved performance to meet the most stringent discharge requirements. Portable Treatment Units are available for temporary service oering an immediate solution for an “out of compliance” condition.

Metals Removal Wastewater Treatment

Benefits and Advantages:

1. Reduced O&M Costs compared to Chemical Treatment

  • Treats Combined Waste Streams.
    • Traditional chemical treatment can only treat one heavy metal at a time at one pH
    • E-FLOC® technology allows wastewater to be combined and will treat all contaminants that are mixed in one water source with one single pass through our unit.
  • Considerable Reduction of Residuals for Disposal
    • Less sludge to haul resulting in lower transportation costs.
    • Less sludge to dispose of resulting in lower waste disposal costs 
  • Residuals pass EPA TCLP as Non-Hazardous
    • We work with government agencies to reclassify sludge to nonhazardous
    • Eliminates the need for HazMat transportation.
    • Eliminates the need for HazMat disposal.
  • Produces a Superior Euent for Tertiary Membrane Systems than Chemical treatment:
    • Does not increase TDS like chemicals do which results in less reject from filtration technologies
    • Decrease filter media consumption, which results in decreased costs and less waste from media regeneration. 

2.  Removes Multiple Contaminants in a Single Unit Process: 

  • Dissolved Metals and Mixed Metals
  • Including multivalent metals that require reduction. Chrome, arsenic, Se, Va
  • Splits Emulsions: FOG / TPH
  • Complexed Anions: SiO2, PO4, SO4
  • Oxidation of Organics :  H2S / BTEX / S¯ / VOC
  • Bacteria: SRB / Aerobic / Lactic Acid
  • Colloidal Particulates / TSS
  • Fluoride

3. Easily Retrofits into Existing Treatment Infrastructure

  • E-FLOC®’s system will easily fit into any wastewater treatment system to immediately see cost savings.  Ask about our free trial offer.

4.  Improves Health, Safety, and the Environment by:

  • Eliminating Hazardous Materials and Reducing HS&E Concerns
    • Eliminates the need for HazMat transportation.
    • Eliminates the need for HazMat disposal.
    • Eliminates the liabilities associated with handling chemicals in facility.
    • With over 20 years without a recordable incident, our equipment and technology is a proven safer alternative.
  • Wastewater can be recycled back into manufacturing process, which also provides a cost savings.

5. Less Variation in Treatment when compared to chemical treatment

  • Extensive lab testing has yielded proven results when compared to any other treatment on the market.


  • Beverage Canning- Wastewater used in the label printing process
  • Aircraft Manufacturers and Maintenance
  • Tool Manufacturing
  • Metal Plating- Drag and Rinse waters can be co-mingled and treated from one single source
  • Metal Fabricating
  • Ship Building
  • Treats any out of specification Effluent water stream from miscellaneous sources


  • Mobile Treatment Systems & Services
  • Turn-Key / Design and Build for Centralized Treatment Facilities / Installation / Commissioning / Operator Training
  • Custom Engineering and Upgrades of Existing Equipment
  • Treatability Studies / Field Pilot Studies / On-site Bench Studies
  • Service and Maintenance Programs
  • Rental / Lease / Service Options