The recent boom in Hydraulic Fracturing of Shales on the mainland offers the biggest opportunity providing for treatment and beneficial reuse of Frac Flowback and Produced Waters. Current practices transport water to saltwater disposal wells at a considerable expense and liability to the operator. As trucking operations are being phased out because of nuisance, expense and carbon footprint, the above market figures can be expected to grow substantially. 

Fortunately, E-FLOC®’s experience and patented technology prove to be safer, more efficient and more competitive compared to common water treatment practices. Click here for the many benefits of using our technologies.  As produced waters are concentrated brines and therefore excellent electrolytes, Electrolytic Water Treatment is far more efficient than treatment by the addition of chemicals. 

Furthermore, on-site recycling is much less expensive than trucking to saltwater disposal wells plus purchasing and transporting  “new” water for make – up.

Oil & Gas Upstream Produced & Flowback Water Treatment

A recent study of the Hydraulic Fracturing industry by Duke University states, “The amount of water used per well for hydraulic fracturing surged by up to 770 percent between 2011 and 2016 in all major U.S. shale gas and oil production regions.  The volume of brine-laden wastewater that these wells generated during their first year of production also increased by up to 1440 percent during the same period.  If this rapid intensification continues, the frac water footprint could grow by up to 50-fold in some regions by the year 2030 — raising concerns about its sustainability, particularly in arid or semi-arid regions in western states, or other areas where groundwater supplies are stressed or limited.”

As these industries are under tremendous environmental scrutiny and water resourcing is becoming more difficult, emphasis is shifting toward the beneficial reuse of all produced waters in the oilfield. Additional opportunities are associated with the treatment of waters from brackish aquifers that may not be acceptable for industrial or commercial applications. The industry focus is on construction of centralized treatment facilities with pipeline connections to areas of concern. Smaller, portable treatment units for on-site servicing of isolated wells will always be required and is the subject of a separate presentation available on request.  E-FLOC® Wastewater Solutions has deployed our technology in various applications in the Oil & Gas Upstream market and has a deep level of understanding of effective treatment and management of these waters.  Our Patented Electrolytic Technologies replace chemical systems providing a safe work environment, ease of operation and reduced costs.

Another significant problem addressed by our patented, XLR-8R is that it is used for the continued treatment of water stored in tanks, frac ponds and other bodies of water. The submersible device removes sulfides, H2S and kills bacteria in the pond.


  • Produced Water Treatment
  • Flowback Water Treatment
  • Brackish Water Treatment
  • Water Storage and Pond Management

Contaminates Removed:

  • Dissolved Metals
  • O&G / TPH / BTEX / VOC
  • Colloidal Particulates / TSS
  • Silica (Colloidal & Reactive)
  • Bacteria (SRB / TAP)
  • H2S and S
  • Complexed Anions: SiO2 / PO4 / SO4


  • Mobile Treatment Systems & Services
  • Turn-Key Design and Build for Centralized Treatment Facilities /
  • Installation / Commissioning / Operator Training
  • Custom Engineering and Upgrades of Existing Equipment
  • Treatability Studies / Field Pilot Studies / On-site Bench Studies
  • Service and Maintenance Programs
  • Rental / Lease / Service Options