Our patented process uses non-chemical wastewater treatment technologies which offer significant cost savings and reduction in waste.

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Wastewater Recovery & Water Treatment Systems

E – FLOC® Wastewater Solutions is an environmental consulting firm specializing in advanced wastewater recovery technology for hazardous waste minimization and the beneficial re-use of both hazardous and non-hazardous materials in reclamation and recycling efforts. Our current portfolio of technology and solutions utilize advanced electrocoagulation equipment and processes for a wide array of water and wastewater applications. Our team represents over 125 years of experience in wastewater treatment for oil field exploration and production. We have successfully applied our expertise to a number of industry applications for improved wastewater treatment and overall cost reduction. E – FLOC® Wastewater Solutions is committed to advancing its wastewater recovery technology and solutions to the level it must achieve to meet current and forthcoming regulations in an ever changing environmental regulatory arena.

E – FLOC® Wastewater Solutions manufactures next generation electrocoagulation technology and equipment with continuing commitment, experience, and engineering support to ensure environmental excellence. Our patented electrocoagulation water treatment process presents the opportunity to maximize the beneficial re-use of resource materials, minimize transportation and disposal costs, as well as their associated liabilities. Contact us to learn more about electrocoagulation systems manufacturing.