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City of Keysville


Recent permit modifications dictate that the effluent from the cities domestic wastewater plant meet more stringent parameters relative to copper and zinc. Investigations indicated that the source of the copper was the supernate from the sludge digester.

No prior treatment was in place.

Our process:

An EC system was installed to treat the supernate from the digester. The water was pumped through the reactor then returned to the headworks of the plant where the precipitated copper and zinc is removed in the grit chamber and primary clarifier. The levels of copper and zinc decreased throughout the plant and the effluent quality at the outfall is currently within the discharge limits.




Ecolotron’s EC technology was selected by the EPA and the prime contractor, Flour Daniels, to be installed at the Hanford Superfund Site in the state of Washington to remove hexavalent chrome and radioactive contaminates from contaminated groundwater prior to discharge into the Columbia River.

A fifty gallon per minute pilot system was installed in May of 2007 and started up the first of June. The system is currently meeting the discharge limits which are 10 ppb. The purpose of the pilot system is to generate data for the design of a permanent 500 gallon per minute system. Scope of work is design, build, manage and operate the system for an extended period of time.

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