Industrial Wastewater Treatment Systems

Ecolotron is the world leader in the treatment of industrial wastewater with our electrocoagulation reactor and process.   The efficient and effective disposal of wastewater is an ongoing problem worldwide, endangering, and in some cases destroying one of our most essential and important natural resources – fresh water.   Ecolotron’s solutions can eliminate this threat by utilizing its patented electrocoagulation technology to remove not only dissolved metals and suspended particulates from industrial wastewater, but also organic wastes.  

Federal, State and local regulations are becoming more stringent regarding the use, filtration, and disposal of wastewater.   The clear trend is to avoid the discharge of contaminants into the environment while re-mediating those sites that are currently contaminated.   These increasingly restrictive laws and regulations and the public’s awareness and perception of the hazards of the improper discharge are the driving force behind the need for new and less costly methods of water treatment, water filtration, water disposal and water recycling. Ecolotron’s electrocoagulation system is the new solution for industrial processed water.

Applications for Industrial Wastewater Solutions

    • Plating & Tools
    • Metals * Petrochemical
    • Aerospace
    • Textiles

Ecolotron provides industry wastewater solutions which are improved and more cost effective than existing chemical treatments for compliance with laws and regulations.   Ecolotron’s strength in wastewater recovery and wastewater treatment solutions represents our commitment for maintaining a healthy environment.   Ecolotron can provide immediate wastewater solutions for companies in the Electroplating, Oil Production, Exploration and Refining, Aircraft Manufacturing and Maintenance, Municipal and Agriculture industries which must contend with these growing federal, state and local concerns surrounding the discharge of water and wastewater.  

Benefits of Processed Water Filtration Systems

Ecolotron’s wastewater recovery and wastewater treatment solutions offer the following benefits:

  • Reduced Treatment Cost – eliminates the need to dispose of hazardous by-products of chemical treatment.
  • Dependable Results – predictable concentrations of metal in the effluent and elimination of organics which are not attainable with chemical precipitation treatment.
  • Lower Capital Costs – system designed to easily retrofit existing treatment infrastructure while improving performance, reliability and lowering operating costs.

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